Trendy and Popular Types of Wedding Venues

Trendy and Popular Types of Wedding Venues

One of the very first steps of wedding planning is choosing your venue and the good news is that there are lots of wedding venues out there! To give you and your partner a good idea, below are the most popular and trendy types of wedding venues you can consider.

House of Worship

Brides and grooms who want a religious ceremony may host the ceremony in their house of worship. Traditional weddings will be perfect on such sacred spaces. Houses of worship are often available exclusively for ceremonies but there are those offering event spaces for receptions, too.

Banquet Hall

These wedding venues are typically one-stop-shops for weddings, offering catering as well as other in-house services. Banquet halls are bigger in size and can accommodate weddings with larger guest counts.


A hotel is a wonderful wedding venue for couples who will host a lot of out of town guests. You and all your guests can simply stay in the hotel with no need to worry about transportation, making it very convenient. Bigger hotels also have various event spaces and ballrooms to choose from, giving you lots of choices for your special day and even your rehearsal dinner and any other planned events.


Have you always wanted to have a rust wedding? Barn or farm wedding venues are exactly what you need. These venues have a rustic charm combined with a naturally casual feel, not to mention the scenic and stunning backdrops for your wedding photos.


A lot of brides and grooms dream of tying the knot outdoors, and you can’t blame them. An innately beautiful venue such as a garden or a park is not only great to look at for it also doesn’t need lots of extra décor. This makes it perfect for your budget. However, you have to ensure that an indoor venue is lined up if ever the weather doesn’t go in your favor. 


Wine aficionados, rejoice! Most wineries and vineyards provide event space for weddings. And even if you are not really an oenophile, you will surely fall in love with the unique wedding locations and scenery of a vineyard. Nothing can beat the photo ops in these wedding venues as well.


Mansions or historic homes have a natural vintage vibe and sense of nostalgia. These wedding venues are charming featuring both outdoor and indoor spaces for weddings with a lot of exceptional spots for portraits.


Are you and your partner certified foodies? Why not hold your wedding in a restaurant? The food will be topnotch as expected, and restaurants are also well-appointed with chairs, tables, and décor. Restaurant wedding venues are often more intimate, perfect for smaller guest counts.

Modern Space/Loft

Grooms and brides who wish to unleash their creativity will surely have a great time planning their wedding at a modern space of loft. Such wedding venues are called blank slates as these are relatively empty rooms that you can decorate according to your taste and style. From flowers to lighting and more, you can dress up these modern spaces down or up to create your dream wedding.

Which of these wedding venues suit you best?

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