5 Things to Know About Rings From Qalo + Coupon Code inside

Finding the best wedding ring that will fit and still allow you to continue with your outdoor life with no worries that you’ll lose it can be hard. At Qalo.com, they have the best silicone rings that are so attractive in the way they are designed. Silicone rubber is heat resistant and is also non-conductive. For an athlete or anyone who loves to frequent the gym, these are the best rings for you. These rings are also comfortable and you have no reason to worry about the ring getting caught or scuffed while working or training.

1. What is Qalo.com?
Qalo is an American jewelry company that specializes in rings, especially medical grade silicone rings. Their rings are claimed to be durable, waterproof, and mildew resistant. It’s a company that has strong values and a vision that has seen them rise to what they are today. Most people react to metal rings in different ways, and this is among the reason as to why Qalo rings are so sought after as alternatives to the traditional wedding ring brands.

2. Experience in Business 
Qalo has been in the business of making rings for a long time. Founded in 2013, they have a great deal of customer experience and this has seen the company turn the innovative product into the lifestyle brand it is today. The company has ever since grown tremendously and this brought in the need to have a website that would help with marketing their product.

3. Their Popularity 
The Company has gained a lot of popularity over the years; mainly due to their product’s affordability and that they provide discounts. Most people are out looking for rings that will fit their day to day activities. Their ability to make custom rings also adds to their popularity. There’s also positive feedback from the various social media platforms from happy clients around the globe. Most people appreciate the customer service they receive from Qalo.com. You can find Qalo on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also find beautiful pictures of their products on Pinterest. Apart from a 24/7 online customer support, they’ll also deliver at your door.

4. Other Products 
Apart from the silicone rings that have made Qalo rise to fame, they also have an enormous catalog of other products. These include customized insulated bottles, hats and beautiful neoprene bags with compass pull tabs. Also find great t-shirts for genders, gift cards, and gift ring sets.

5. Product Pricing and Discount Codes 
Most products on Qalo.com are discounted and you can also enjoy your coupons from shopping online. Most of the products are fairly priced and you can enjoy free shipping for $50+ orders within the US. Their return policy includes a 30-Day Refund period, a 60- Day Exchange period. There’s also a 1 Year Warranty. All these are other factors that possibly make this company quite popular and reputable.

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